Outer Banks North Carolina

Ecosystems Environmental Services Can Address Hidden Threats To Health And Home


There is both promise and peril when it comes to living in an area as unique and desirable as the Outer Banks in North Carolina. The “promise” comes in the form of enjoying an all-new way of life on this strip of islands that stretches 200 miles along the Atlantic Ocean. The “peril” is that certain needs can arise among those who’ve opted to live off the coast of the mainland and expose themselves to the full force of Mother Nature. Those risks include property damage related to flooding, high winds and wind-driven rains. The latter will, in turn, cause potential exposure of persons to mold, asbestos and other contaminants.

Ecosystems Environmental Services, which serves clients in the South Atlantic and Gulf states, has more than 25 years of experience and can provide solutions to the toughest environmental problems. There is no shortage of environmental issues that can plague construction work. From initial site assessments and field surveys to water, soil and hazardous substance testing, it’s possible for this company to dig deep and provide you with a better look at what’s going on beneath your feet or behind the walls. After gaining a better understanding of the situation, Ecosystems can also develop remediation and abatement plans to help move your project forward. These specifications are developed taking into consideration health and safety regulatory compliance, industry standards and budgetary constraints.

In all, Ecosystems Environmental Services has expertise in conducting inspections and testing of mold and any other biological or chemical contaminant. Mold is particularly risky, as it can infiltrate indoor areas and rapidly reproduce. This process can go on unrecognized by the owner; that’s why the professional inspection and consulting services offered by Ecosystems are vital to a safe and environmentally-sound building. Ecosystems has a clear understanding of the damages and losses various contaminants may create. With this in mind, it is critical to expedite the process to minimize those losses, inclusive of those financial and social. This approach is key to the restoration process.

Using team effort, a site-specific protocol is developed. This defines the scope of work necessary to remove contaminants and provide a safe environment. Ecosystems’ attention to detail and optimization of innovative methods to cost-effectively manage the issues sets us apart from other environmental firms across Virginia, southern West Virginia, southern Maryland, Washington, D.C., northern North Carolina and the outer banks of North Carolina. It also reduces the stress for those involved – which is always a point of pride for this company.