Lead-Based Paint Services

Lead Paint Services from Ecosystems Environmental Services, Inc.

LeadPaintEcosystems Environmental Services, Inc. has been at the forefront of the changes in legislation and work practices with lead-based paint projects. We are increasing our ability to provide professional services using the latest technology with emphasis on health, safety, and cost effectiveness.

The Ecosystems lead-based project team includes Industrial Hygienists, state licensed lead project designers, inspectors, and risk assessors. Our involvement in this industry has been with government, industrial, commercial, and residential clients.

The quality of our services are proven through our team’s thorough knowledge of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guidelines, applicable OSHA and EPA regulations, as well as their extensive experience in the lead industry.

Lead Services

  • Project/Site Management
  • Lead-based Paint Inspections
  • Lead-based Paint Risk Assessments
  • Lead-based Paint Abatement Monitoring
  • Project Design Specifications
  • Lead-based Paint Management Plans/Interim Controls

Site Management

Ecosystems provides complete site management from the initial survey or risk assessment to developing the abatement design specifications, coordinating abatement, providing cost estimates, monitoring the project with our industrial hygiene staff, providing final clearance verification for re-occupancy, and developing management plans/interim controls to manage lead-based paint that is left in place.

Lead-based Paint Abatement Design Specifications

Design specifications are developed to define the work procedures, practices and industrial hygiene monitoring required to ensure compliance with EPA, OSHA, and State regulations for the protection of worker and community health and safety.

Lead-based Paint Project Monitoring

Our industrial hygiene staff monitors abatement projects to ensure compliance with abatement design specifications. Ambient air is monitored during abatement. Dust wipe and soil samples are collected for final clearance verification prior to re-occupancy in accordance with the protocols established by HUD.

Lead-based Paint Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are conducted to determine the presence of lead-based painted structures and the associated health risks based on numerous factors and to then determine actions necessary to reduce this risk.

Lead-based Paint Survey

Lead-based paint surveys are conducted using an X-ray Florescent (XRF) Spectrum Analyzer. The inspection will identify, quantify, determine the condition, and potential health hazards of lead-based painted surfaces.


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